generations log We are located in Manhattan Beach and serve LA and orange county




Generations Simple Private Cremation

-- Initial transferring of the body to

-- Caring for the body prior to cremation
-- Preparing the death certificate and permits
-- Coordination with the local medical

​-- Administrative assistance for communication with

     the responsible parties
-- A cremation container made of approved materials,

     in which the body is placed for cremation
-- The cremation itself in a  crematory
-- Basic Plastic Urn or as selected
-- Provisions for pickup of the cremated remains by an

     authorized person at our affiliated locations
-- Cremation will take place within ten (ten) days of

     receiving a California Disposition Permit
-- California Disposition (Cremation) Permit
-- California Cremation Regulatory Fee

(Standard cremation is based on deceased being under 250 pounds and having NO battery operated devices implanted)

Phone  (888) 827-8213